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TheraTogs are one of the most innovative, versatile and progressive modalities available for physical and occupational therapy practices. TheraTogs are a live-in exo-muscular system for neuromotor, postural, and sensory training. The system provides a versatile, flexible approach to addressing and managing mobility, sensory input, and stability issues.

TheraTogs were developed by a world-class clinician because there were no existing devices, resources, or modalities that were effective or versatile enough to make a significant improvement in physical rehabilitation. Their development has been driven by a passion to realize the full potential of physical rehab services that are based on solid biomechanical principles and neuromuscular science.

TheraTogs are made from a patented, proprietary material with an inner foam layer that grips the skin and the underlying soft tissues, and a Velcro®-sensitive outer layer to which clinicians can affix elastic strapping, the “external muscle” of the system. The material is comfortable and breathable, and the typical TheraTogs configuration is worn under normal clothing.

The results are stunning – TheraTogs replicates successful manual sensorimotor training techniques, allowing the wearer to engage in routine activities with improved joint alignment, all day long.

Our Mission
 TheraTogs, Inc. is committed to two goals:

  • Make TheraTogs™ systems a standard of care worldwide for the management of movement, stability, orthopedic, and developmental disorders by providing live-in neuromotor and postural training.
  • Protect and augment TTI’s leadership position in rehabilitation by offering top-quality training services in effective rehabilitation modalities that are based on solid biomechanical and kinesiological principles.
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  • TheraTogs Ultra Wrist & Thumb Positioning Orthotic System

    The ULTRA Wrist & Thumb Positioning System is the most versatile and flexible system of its kind. TheraTogs are Class I medical devices intended to be issued by, and applied under the supervision of a licensed healthcare practitioner. All TheraTogs products must be used by a therapist or directly under a therapist's instruction to ...

    Product Number:: GWT307R
    Rs. 9686.71

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