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Dynamic Head Suspension System for low muscle tone in neck and trunk.

Headpod allows maintaining an upright and physiological position allowing the head to rotate with total precision, favoring the muscular development of the neck.

The head can move in any direction except downwards, this makes Headpod a unique device in relation to any restrictive or static positioning device. With Headpod you will find a variety of secondary benefits to a good physiological positioning, natural and healthy.

Fabrifoam products

Compression and Support Therapy Devices for Positive Patient Outcomes. Fabrifoam® is a composite material combining an open celled, elastomeric, non-latex foam with selected high quality and specifically engineered fabrics. This unique composite was developed for use by various medical professionals, including, physicians, physical therapists, certified athletic trainers and related health care providers.

TheraTogs products

Wear it - Live it - Learn it

TheraTogs are one of the most innovative, versatile and progressive modalities available for physical and occupational therapy practices. TheraTogs are a live-in exo-muscular system for neuromotor, postural, and sensory training. The system provides a versatile, flexible approach to addressing and managing mobility, sensory input, and stability issues.